Vocational Training Center – How it works

The vocational training center is the core of our operation.  The vocational center is a result of years and years of work and coordination to setup the necessary resources and infrastructure to allow this project to be a success.

The Vocational Training Center has a full team of teachers on staff right now. We buy our products from the teachers, at a fair, local retail price. We also pay the teachers on a monthly basis. We then turn around and sell the products made by these teachers to generate income for the organization and the project. We have not yet had enough man-power to support a higher demand for the products, but that is the goal! With funding we could generate more sales and then be able to, not only buy from the teachers, but from the students as well.


The students from the Vocational Training Center are trained in one or two skills at a time for a period of three months. There is no charge for this service or for their materials during their training. This training includes entrepreneurship skills, computer skills, and small business ethic. After their training they are encouraged to use the facilities and materials to make their first products. The graduates then market and sell their products locally. We would love to be able to offer each student a loan, a piece of machinery, or materials to start their business. We are researching ways of making this possible.


Here is the U. S. we sell the African Crafts and Jewelry at a 60-70% mark up, and all of our proceeds go directly back into the running of our Non-Profit Organization and back into the project. Apart from the small expenses we have here in the US, there is virtually no overhead and we keep costs associated with our sales very low. The main reason for this is that we have absolutely had to learn to operate on a very low budget because we have had very little outside funding!