About us

We’re not just another jewelry line.

The number one goal of this organization is to help people become self-sustaining spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  We strongly believe that ending the individual cycle of poverty is a by-product of people having a relationship with Jesus and with a loving community.

Our Mantra

Our mission is to help provide educational sponsorship and entrepreneurship training for teens and adults in Uganda’s capitol city of Kampala, where we hold and maintain our Vocational Training Center.  In our training center, we teach individuals about the craft of Tailoring/Sewing, Bead Making and Jewelry Design, Sandal Crafting, Computer Skills, Entrepreneurship, and more!  In detail, the revenue generated by the ABOH products that you buy, directly sponsors students with scholarships to the Vocational Training Center, where they are trained in one or two skills at a time for a period of three months. There is no charge for this service or for their materials during their training. In addition to craft training, this training also includes entrepreneurship skills, computer skills, and small business ethic.  Upon graduation, they are encouraged to use the facilities and materials provided to make their first batch of products. The graduates then market and sell their products locally.  Our joy is to provide these individuals with the skills needed to be self-sufficient and in turn have a positive impact in their local community and economy.

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Meet the Team


Meet Sarah Mugoya

(U.S. Director)

fell in love with UG on a whim of a trip in 2004 and it quickly became the rest of her life’s passion and devotion, after living there, with her husband, for over four years, the couple is currently stateside with their three children. They go back to UG at least once a year. They live in Midland TX, where they do life, do Montessori, raise awareness for ABOH and TRY to keep life SIMPLE!

Meet Meddie Mugoya

(UG Director)

is Ugandan and grew up in a village in the Eastern part of Uganda. He was the Director of The Bible League in Uganda and has a good understanding of how things function at the ground level, he is passionate about helping people and loves his family. He and his wife and three kids live in Midland TX where he is currently pursuing his Nursing Degree and works for Merrill Lynch.

Meet James Kasujja

(UG Ministry Director)

is a pastor of his own church near Entebbe town. He and his wife Lydia live near Kampala and have three energetic boys. James has years of experience working in international NGO’s in Uganda and has a big heart to help his people become self sustaining and confident.